More TV Unit Overhaul changes

I have been abit lazy with this project, I am so the kind of person who gets half way through a project then goes and starts a whole new one. Leaving the first one half-finished & messy. So I am back with some new changes to our TV unit (you are see what I have done & why I felt the TV unit needed an overhaul here, here, here & here).

Here is where I left the TV unit

Coming along…..but still got away to go. One reason we bought this unit is the DVD storage down the right side, the spaces work great to hold our DVD collection. But things look cluttered & thus messy. I have been thinking about solutions for how to cover up this area. One was to create a door, or a frame that was covered in fabric that I could attach with velcro or hinges. But that idea though good wasn’t in the budget ($0 budget!).

Then I decided to go with storage boxes, again like the magazine files I wanted the storage boxes to fill the whole shelf space for a uniform, clean look. Now the my small (non existent) budget I couldn’t go out and buy my storage boxes. So I have made my own.

We are fortunate enough to shop in a grocery store that sells bulk & doesn’t have selves filled with single items. Instead it has pallets stacked with items, because of this there are always empty boxes on the shelves. I have been grabbing them every time I see them & these boxes are what I have been using to create my storage boxes.

And this is what I have done so far (haven’t finished all the boxes yet as I have to get some more boxes).

 Georgous aren’t they! Well obviously I won’t be  leaving them looking like this…..paint will be used.

Each box is made up for a front (pictured) & the actual box. The front part you can see is one piece of cardboard that fits the whole space. For the box part (that will actually hold the DVDs) I have used cut down mail boxes (just removed the top) glued onto the back of the front section.

The box section isn’t as big as the front section, but I don’t mind. The DVDs still fit really well. My favourite bit is the holes I put in the front of each box.

Just insert your finger to remove the box from the shelf to get at the DVDs inside, I love the look this holes make. I like them so much I am definitely going to add holes to the magazine files on the other side of the TV unit, to give a cohesive look.

SO far I have only completely finished two boxes, the other 4 will have to wait till I get some more boxes. So this is now the overall look of our TV unit so far.

Can’t wait to get some colour on these new boxes & the magazine files!


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