Quick TV unit overhaul update!

Yesterday I showed you the progress that I have made in our TV unit overhaul, I mentioned that my favourite feature was the holes that I put infront of the boxes that are both functional & good-looking (well the looks will improved once I have primed & painted).

I also said that I was going to keep the look going & cut holes into the magazine files on the opposite side of the TV unit.

Well I was sitting on the couch watching the time tick down on an eBay auction that I am desperate to win (more of that later) & just decided that it wouldn’t take very long to just cut the holes. So I did.

And I am so glad that I did! It was so easy, just traced the circle shape & cut it out with my craft knife.

Cute, cute, cute!!!! Also makes the magazine & books in these magazine files much easier to get at. My WH will be so happy with that,  as his photography magazines are stored here & he has alittle trouble getting at them as easy as he would want to. To further help I am going to label each of the magazine files & DVD storage boxes so that it is easy to identify what is inside.

Yep, I have our  DVD’s organised in categories. Don’t you? Ok might just be me. Should I show you one last photo? I want to see another one so…yes.

HeHeHeHe! I am so happy with how quick, easy & effective this little ‘just because I had time’ project was. I am now thinking of continuing the holes with the four storage boxes that sit in the shelves under the TV. Certainly would create a cohesive look…….stay tuned!


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