eBay score!

Since we decided to get a housesitter to stay in our house & look after our little birdie Curious my WH has felt very uncomfortable with the thought of having another person sleeping in our bed. Honestly I found the concern weird & dismissed it at first. But he kept saying that he wanted a daybed for our house for our housesitter to sleep on, infact he wanted this one.

Got to love Ikea, I must say that I have always had my eye on this daybed. Love the look & the storage drawers (totally in love with the storage drawers), what is not to love? But still with saving for our holiday & some particular large bills coming in I just didn’t see how we could afford the $600 price tag.

Well we couldn’t, but then I saw a lovely daybed in an Op shop with a $95 price tag. Why hadn’t I thought of shopping at Op shops???? $95 was still too pricey for our budget (as per usual budget being next to nothing), then I remembered eBay. What was my brain doing to forget Op shops as well as eBay. I started searching eBay and was very surprised at the range that was available within driving distance & the prices. I came across this daybed


I know the picture is kind of small, sorry couldn't access the original listing after I won the item.

I originally by-passed this item as it was located the furthest away from our home in Toowoomba. But after some discussion with WH we decided that if I could get it for no more that $50 then we could drive up to Toowoomba for the day & drop in on WH’s grandparents while we were there. So I went for it.

And with alittle bidding war I won! I got this day bed for $32, yep $32. Defiantly less than our budget. We are going to pick it up in a couple of weeks. I don’t know if you can tell but the daybed is going to need some work, probably a coat of paint. So tonight I am searching the www for ideas.

Will be back with what I find! How exciting 🙂


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