Winter flowers

I have been working in our garden alot lately, with winter almost here it is the prefect time to be pulling weeds and getting a layer of mulch down in time for spring and growing season for weeds. Living in Australia it doesn’t snow (except in a couple of highland areas further south than where we live) so I can garden all year round, I do prefer winter for gardening I can go out anytime of the day without it being too hot & everything grows slower.

I have been focusing on mulching and cleaning up our garden that I haven’t put any really thought into the plants, consequently our winter garden is nothing but green. Only a bit of purple from the 3 tibouchina trees we have that run along the northwest boundary. I will defiantly be working on this for next year, colour is the name of the game from now on when it comes to our garden.

While I was in our yard our elderly neighbour called me over and offered me some of her flowering bulbs & gave be a bunch of flowers that came from her garden. I brought them inside & I love the splash of winter colour that they have given to our home.

TV Unit

Such a pretty shade of pinky purple


Shelving Unit


Love this bottle


So nice having fresh flowers in the house….can’t wait to have flowers in our garden again. Soon.


Cleaning up my creative space

After confessing about the state of my creative space (can’t believe that I let it get that bad), I decided to actually do something about it. So yesterday I tackled what seemed like an enormous task. First thing was to clean up the floor space, I removed everything that I didn’t want to throw away & put everything else in the bin or recycle bin.

Look a floor!!!

This made a huge difference, but as you can see all the surfaces (desk, shelves, etc….) are still packed with stuff.

Big difference

Still alot of stuff around

Now this space doesn’t just hold my scrapbooking supplies, as with the other spare bedroom in our house (three bedroom house with only two people in it) my creative space has to double duty. I store everything that I use for alot of my projects around the house, from fabric to paint and tools that I use regularly that I don’t store downstairs. Because of this I decided to reorganise the space in zones, two basic zones to start with (might reorganise and add more zones later down the track). Scrapbooking and everything else.

I decided to make my scrapbooking zone in the back of the room near the window, lots of natural light will hopefully help in not needing to have a light on when I am in there. First step was moving my desk.

To the left of the window up against a shelf that was just a touch higher than my desk, this has given me some extra desk space which I have use to keep all my most used products and tools. Not having these things on my actually desk has totally left me with a wonderfully huge space to really spread out when I’m scrapbooking.

More desk space, lovely

You might notice that the set of draws under my desk above has more from inside the shelf to the right of the door to the room, this unit contains ALOT of my scrapbooking supplies & is on wheels. So I plan on storing it under my desk when I’m not scrapbooking and I’ll wheel it out when I need to use the desk. Beside the desk up against the wall with the widow I have stored wrapping paper & gift bags.

That’s part one, I’ll post more tomorrow.


Ok it might be a touch weird to post about what I ate for lunch, but it was just yummy & simple I wanted to share.

So what is so exciting about a sandwich & chips? Probably nothing for anyone else, but for me this is my first taste of my recently harvested sweet potatoes. I have been growing sweet potatoes for a couple of months now, hoping to grow some really nice BIG sweet potatoes as last year I harvested too early & had nothing but small long sweet potatoes. Things were going fine, until a couple of weeks ago I noticed that something had discovered my sweet potato & had dug into the plant & snack onto quite a few large look sweet potatoes. So I decided that I would have to harvest 😦

But out of a small area (probably 1mx1m) I got a nice haul of good-sized sweet potatoes & even a couple of BIG ones that hadn’t been eaten. Yeah!

My WH doesn’t eat sweet potatoes, I tried sneaking some into dinner once but he found me out & wouldn’t trust my cooking for weeks. So I am going to share my haul with friends & family, but for myself I really wanted to try sweet potato chips. A friend of mine had made them when I had lunch with a whole lot of girl friends at her place last year. So I peeled & washed one medium small-sized sweet potato, sliced it as thin as I could put the slices on a tray sprayed them with olive oil & alittle salt and into the oven.

As for timing….well I just watch them closely. At about what I thought was the half way point in the cooking I took my chips out of the oven & turned them over. Back in the oven.

When I  liked the look of them I turned the oven off & made my sandwich. Sliced roast beef & mayo (I know, I know how healthy does that sound lol). Added my chips to the plate & sat on the couch. Oh yum! Lunches are a difficult thing for me when I’m at home. Even when the house if full of food I never seem to feel like eating any of it so just end up eating a bowl of cereal or a couple of pieces of toast. Which can’t be good for me and does encourage eating not so good for me junk food in the arvo when I am hungry again. In an effort to improve my lunchtime eating habits I have been thinking about what I would probably be eating if I was out then recreating those things at home. Simple really (and on a side note cheaper too than eating out). So far I have had yoghurt & muesli topping usually accompanied by chopped fruit. And now I have added sliced meat sandwiches.

Do you have any suggestions for easy lunch ideas? Love to hear them.

My Blogger Event Experience

What a weekend!!!! We have been trying to do regular family dinners with my & my WH’s families and it just so happened that both dinners feel on the same weekend. My brother was home for a belated Mother’s day, so we had dinner together last night. My WH (wonderful husband) cooked a yummy scrummy pot pie which we had with mash potato & steamed veggies. Oh so yummy! And we have not long come home from having dinner with all my in-laws at my WH’s parents place, tonight we had homemade pizzas & apple pie.

As well as family-a-rama weekend I attend my first Blogger meet up, run by Hello Blogger Events. I was a little apprehensive about going, despite what my husband keeps telling me I am quite a shy person. I arrived early but couldn’t figure out who I was meeting with so I went for a walk thinking that I could wait till my cousin (who was also attending the event) Talia arrived then I would know exactly where I was supposed to be going. Also it was such a beautiful afternoon & I hadn’t been to Mooloolaba during the day for such a long time it was nice to walk along beside the beach and soak up some sunshine.

When I came back to the Coffee Club (where the meet up was happening) I notice that a sign had been put up near a group of tables.

I guess that I didn’t have to wait for my cousin… I took a deep breath, smiled (always a good idea) and walked over.

I had a great couple of hours hanging out with some wonderful & funny women!

We talked, laughed and discussed things that were going on with our individual blogs, it was great to hang with people who share about themselves, their passion & personalities in the same way.

Defiantly think that I will be trying (very hard!) to go to as many of these events as I can. Check out the Hello Blogger Events Flicker page for more photos. All of the photos were taken my Zoe from Little Harp Photography.

Honest to goodness my creative space

I am sooooo lucky to have my own room to hold all my creative supplies & a place to scrap to my heart’s content. But I am so ashamed to say that this is how my creative scrap place is looking right now.


Oh my!

Hardly get in the door!!!

I have no idea how I let things get to this state…well…maybe some of an idea. In the far corner to the left under the window is even the broken glass from a frame that I stood on when I was wearing my boots (haven’t even cleaned it up!!!). The only clean thing in the room is my chair & that is because that is where our bird Curios sleeps at night in his cage. I can’t belive that it is even hard to simply walk in this room now.

A couple of months ago I spent a couple of weeks slowly going through my craft room, throwing this out and finding homes for things that had started to pile up around the room. But things are now worse than ever!

Why am I sharing? Honestly it is in the hope that this disclosure will give me the kick-start to get in there & really organise things. Fingers crossed!

I would love to have spaces that look like this (who wouldn’t!)

I have also been drooling over the creative spaces found on the Creative Storage blog.

Time to stop dreaming & actually do something, right? Right.