I have no car today 😦 No it’s really not that bad, my WH is without his work vehicle for a while. It is Stocktake time & WH’s stock controller is part of the company’s stocktake team and travels to all the other stores in the State. So he has taken the work vehicle. It has been such a long time since I haven’t had a car sitting in the driveway that I can just jump into & go where ever I need to go.

What to do when your stranded at home? Clean. Which is what I have been doing, but I am taking a break to given alittle tour of our backyard. Over the weekend I have been tackling our backyard & on Sunday WH gave me a hand at getting some of the heavier work done.

We’ll start with the first ‘garden’ you see when you walk out our back door.

We use alot of herbs in our cooking, now that its winter I have to replenish some of the plants (parsley is on its last legs and so is the thyme & lemon thyme growing in a pot to the left of this picture). On the weekend I put in lettuce seedlings. We don’t eat salads during winter but still like lettuce in sandwiches & in burritos. Having the lettuce in pots on the verandah also protects them from the waterhens that are coming into our yard in search of food.

When you come down the back stairs the first thing you see is our orchid.

We have a lemon, lemonade, lime, mandarin & bay tree. There is also a peach tree that you can’t see that is to the right of this picture. Our landlords (who lived here before we did) put in all these trees & we are so thankful they did. Every week I bring into the house a big bag of mandarins & have been selling the lemons out the front of our house. The lemons are huge too!

To the left along our side fence is my ‘no-dig’ garden bed (here, here, here).

It is certainly looking sad I know. I have been cleaning it up & digging it over because I want to grow potatoes & sweet potatoes in it. It has been slow going, see those two different palms on either side of the garden bed? Roots! Loads of roots! I might have to add soil instead of growing straight into the ground.

To the right of our orchid is the rest of our backyard.

A couple of years ago when both myself & WH was working alot! We let this part of the backyard really go, weeds took over & actually killed alot of the plants that were in our garden when we moved in. Sad & I totally take responsibility. I am slowly adding plants on our small to non-existent garden budget. Just finished putting in a whole heaps of succulents that I got for free from a good friend of mine.

Our main veggie garden beds are found next to our orchid along the back fence.

These are great sized beds, I have let them go abit too much. You can see the weeds starting to take over & there are few finished veggies that I need to remove. I will be getting to these beds as soon as I have finished mulching the main part of the backyard I showed above.

Here is the last of the veg from our veggie garden, a few spring onions & a couple of cob of corn. You can get a glimpse of the last part of our back yard that I want to show you. The garden bed under our back stairs.

No matter what time of year it is this garden will always have colour & look lush. This bed is the easiest to maintain. It just very little sun, but there is still some beautiful colour. I love it. I am going to add some more plants, probably ginger plants cause I love the range of colours & styles available.

So that is our  backyard, we are fortunate enough to have a 1/4 acre. Right now I find our backyard alot of work, but as soon as I have finished trimming, weeding, mulching & cleaning-up I certainly am looking forward to just enjoying the backyard & only having to do some maintence here & there. Someday soon.


2 thoughts on “Stranded

  1. Wow, your garden is impressive! Really big & I am envious of your orchard…and you have room for chooks! A chicken tractor would certainly sort out the weeds in your vege garden.

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