Virtual Garage Sale

What do you do when you are cleaning out the unwanted stuff from your home that is still in good working order, or you can’t bring yourself to throw in the bin? Easy…have a garage sale….right? What about when you only have a small amount of stuff to get rid of? Storing it till you have enough for a garage sale voids the point of having a clean out.

I have been on a slow but constant battle to clean up & clear out our home. Because I haven’t cleared out all in one day I usually end up with only a few things that could be use by someone else. So I like hundreds of other people around the world turn to eBay.

Right now I have three items for sale

Computer desk

Computer monitor

Hair designer

I have had alot of success selling on eBay, last year I sold alot of our furniture that didn’t suit our needs anymore and bought some new pieces with the money that I made from the sales. This time the money I make from these sales I am going to be putting into our holiday spending money fund.

I thinking selling or giving your unwanted things to others also makes good environmental sense, when you think about how much & how many resources it takes to make something new. It makes alot of sense to buy 2nd hand where possible & give others a chance to use things that you see as useless in your own home.

By the way myself and WH do yearly clear out of our closets, clothes that we don’t wear anymore & are still perfectly fine we give to charity.


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