I’m so excited!

On Monday myself & WH are jumping in the ute & are off to Toowoomba to pick up our new daybed! Woohoo! It has been a few weeks since we won the daybed & we have finally found the time to get to Toowoomba, thanks to the Queens birthday holiday. Check out the story of our daybed here.

I still don’t know for 100% the condition of the daybed (the price you pay for buying off eBay), but from alot of study of the pictures that I have I think that there will be some cleaning of the spring base as probably a coat of paint. I have been searching the net looking for paint & ultimately styling ideas. I am soooo not an interior designer, so I have always relied on what others people have done for inspiration for our home & DIY projects.



Love the colour, I’m not really into too much of a distressed look. Though the amount of distressing on this daybed is really subtle.



I was going to make something similar, so simple & seemed easy to DIY. Do also quite like the pillows & the strip fabric. Though don’t know how practical this daybed would have been for the purposes that we want a daybed for, a spare bed in our guest room (which currently has no bed at all, not much of a guest room I suppose).

The striped Pattern Of The Bedding Bedding A Daybed 2 The striped Pattern Of The Bedding Bedding A Daybed


Again love the colour, defiantly abit too distressed for my liking. Also like how the fabric comes down infront of the daybed, this ideas is one I would love to use. We are going to be adding a couple of storage boxes underneath & the ones that we are going to use aren’t going to be good-looking.


This is more of a couch/settee but it really speaks to me, not sure why. Think that it is probably the number “2” pillow, and the whole fun whimsical feel of the whole thing. I think this will defiantly be the feel that I want to go for.


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