A collection of family memories

This past weekend was the Queens birthday weekend, so there was a public holiday on Monday. Monday was also the day we did the 6hr round trip to pick up our daybed! More on that soon I promise, I have to go through and edit the photos.

This evening I was reading Jenny Komenda’s blog Little Green Notebook & she did a post about her collection of artglass paperweights. It was a lovely nostalgic post about her Grandmother (who also collected artglass paperweights) who emigrated to America from Sweden when she was 19 years old. It is such a wonderful story, especially the part about the bitter apple! Click here to read her post & learn about the bitter apple.

I loved how the best thing about Jenny’s artglass paperweight collection was the connection with her Grandmother, so I thought that I would share my collection with family connections.

Last year myself and WH traveled to see his Grandparents before Christmas, it was a quick & interesting trip (it was the beginning of what would be our States worst natural disaster). WH’s Grandparents have taken a big interest in my WH’s love of photography, so they gave us their old cameras. It was a lovely & thoughtful gift.

Since then I have bought one camera & my mother has given me her old camera. I love how everytime I look at these cameras I feel the embrace of our past generations who shared the “snap happy” mentality. My Father has said that I can have his old camera too (if he can ever find it), that would be a special thing to me to have. My Father was in the Navy from age 16 so the places that his camera would have gone & seen.

I am not the kind of person who can generally just buy something to have it on display in our home, something just decorative. But the things that I do have that a purely decorative are things that I have been given by family members, I think that it’s that connection to different family members that makes them feel right in my new family’s home.

Do you have a collection with family ties or something special around your home that reminds you of a family member?


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