Greek key inspiration

Still haven’t set down how I want our daybed to look (click here for the full story), but I was reading Little Green Notebook this morning and found inspiration for another piece of furniture that we have around the house. In our spare room/music room (where the finished daybed will eventually live) we have this small cupboard

Again it is a piece that we got from my husband’s work, someone returned in because it had some damage so we got it at a big discount. My husband has another cupboard that he wants to get rid of at the store that we can get at another great discount. The one that we have now is full of shelves, it holds cleaning supplies, vacuum attachments & extension cords. In its current location it is next to impossible to access, cause of the ironing board that sits infront of it (for the picture I had to move the ironing board).

Once the daybed goes into the room I am going to move this cupboard & add a second cupboard (without shelves, for our broom, cobweb brush, mop & bucket). The front is pretty plain (extremely plain), I havn’t put any thought into improving the look of the cupboard. Until this Greek Key Dresser on Little Green Notebook.


 There are some other great examples of this Greek Key design in the post on Little Green Notebook. Defiantly gives me something to think about, after I have completed the daybed of course!


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