My weekend

Another Sunday has come and gone, that’s the weekend over for another week. Well….not really. For our family anyway. WH works Saturday’s so gets Sunday Monday off instead. So our weekend has only just begun! Today we decided to have our monthly lunch date down in Caloundra, it was a lovely restaurant called Amici Cafe. We went here for the Relay For Life fundraiser dinner a month or so back (where we won our big TV! Still unbelievable that we won that). I had a lovely creamy penne & mushrooms pasta, serving size was perfect for me ate the whole thing. WH had a steak burger, which he said was probably the best one that he has ever had! We ended our lunch with a delicious cheesecake for dessert, peppermint with mint slices crumbled between layers of creamy cheese. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

When we got home we thought we would take advantage of the verandah clean-up I did on Saturday. But when WH opened our outdoor umbrella he jumped backwards & rushed back inside. This is what was inside

I took this picture while crouching as close to the verandah floor as possible & hiding behind a chair. I am quite allergic to wasps so wasn’t in any way interested in getting bitten. Now this particular wasps have caused us problems a month or so ago, when they built their nest under our bbq. I got rid of them by spraying them with the hose. I h-a-t-e using chemicals, I just don’t believe in them, both myself & WH have asthma which can be triggered by chemical use around the house & I have dermatitis which again has its origins in chemical use. And I really don’t like killing insects, not because I am squeamish but because when I was doing my Environment degree I learned all about how insects pollinate all sorts of important plants, including food crops. But these wasps had to go…..and die. I took the above picture while he was out buying insect spray.

We have had a beautiful weather all weekend & enjoyed being out in the sun this afternoon. Tomorrow we are hitting some paint store for paint swatches for my daybed project. I think that I have narrowed my colour choice inside my head. I don’t want to share yet, incase I change my mind.


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