Saturday is here again!

Saturday means two things markets & gardening. Today I bought a bale of sugar cane mulch & a bag of potting mix & really got suck into a few been meaning to do jobs in our backyard. I re-potted some of the plants that we have on our back verandah (click here to see the pots before) then decided to do something about the overall state of our back verandah. I don’t know what happened, whether it was our wet natural disaster filled summer or just neglect over the last year or so. But the state we had let our back verandah get to was just embarrassing.

Our verandah is a lovely big space, it would be nicer if it were alittle wider. We are fortunate enough to have 3 big trees that provide shade during summer (sometimes you do wish they weren’t there during winter but that’s ok), 2 lilypilly’s (1 at the very far end of this picture & another to the left of this picture at the bottom of our stairs) & a mango tree.

This is our outdoor dinning area, probably the only place on the whole verandah that is usually always nice and clean. During summer when it’s not raining, we eat lunch & dinner out here. It is also a lovely place for breakfast in Autumn & Spring.

Here are the pots that I replanted, I am going to get some decorative mulch to pretty them up & help to stop the pots from drying out too much in summer (sometimes you have to water daily during the hottest days).

Now for the awful bit


The wooden table was given to us as a wedding present 6 years ago, it is starting to fall apart so I wanted to move it downstairs to use as a potting table. But when I tried to move it, it started to fall apart in my hands. Since it was probably going to be in pieces by the time I was able to get the table downstairs I decided to take the easy way down.

Saves trying to figure out where to put the table, it store in much less space then it would have. All the wood is actually in pretty good condition, turns out the table was just held together with these small nails that couldn’t hold the table together with the natural expansion & shrinkage that the table underwent while it was on our verandah. I have store the pieces away & am thinking of making a bar for underneath the kitchen window across from the bbq….maybe.

After throwing the table off the verandah I got out the broom & gave the whole place a good sweep. Thankfully this was pretty much all in needed, then I moved a few pieces if furniture that sort of float around the verandah as they don’t really have a specific place.


Much improvement. This year we are going to be getting a fire pit, this is where I envision it going. I really like this part of our verandah, from here you look out on to this

That is one of my favourite parts of our little town, it is ponds that are surrounded by parkland with bbq, playground, flying fox & skate bowl. I have been going to the ponds since I was a child & have seen quite a few changes so far all good. Many picnics, bbqs & playdates have been had at the ponds. Though if I don’t get my act together and trim the big lilypilly tree to the left I think my view is going to disappear.

Also got a whole lot of mulching done, went through the whole bale of sugar cane mulch that I bought. Never, ever done that before I can tell you. I am so thankful that during winter we have a period of slow growth, it is really helping to get the weeds under control. By the way, check out that sky! Beautiful winter’s day or what!


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