Daybed story cont.

Since winning our new daybed on eBay I have been promising a better picture of our purchase. The one I showed in this post was too small and you couldn’t really see what it looks like. My post yesterday showed a sneak peek of our new daybed. Yesterday I spent an hour cleaning of all the dirt, mud, dust & cobwebs. I found that it needed a paint job cause the paint was stained from use but it was in great condition & other than a few spots needing filling I am so happy with the condition.

It is totally solid wood with a metal spring mattress base (springs are also in great condition), having now had the chance to have a good look at our daybed I have changed my priorities for the work that needs to be done to it before it gets used in August. I first thought that I would have to get the daybed painted asap, but now I can see that a coat of paint can wait till after August when we will have more funds & time.

So the priorities for our daybed are getting some fabric to cover the springs protecting the mattress from getting snagged or stained from the springs, getting a mattress (being the daybed has a spring base we can get away with a simple foam mattress to save some money) & finally pillows & linens.

As for colours I am leaning towards grey for the daybed, white sheets, blue blanket with yellow & blue accent pillows. Kinda like this image that I found as apart of my searching for inspiration (just with a grey coloured daybed and a blue blanket on the mattress)



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