It’s here again!

It’s Week in the Life time again. For those who have just said “A week in the what!?” click here to read my post from last year. Week in the Life is a concept by Ali Edwards (click here to read her post about what Week in the Life is) where you document one whole week of your life. It is like a modern time capsule a snap shot of your life at a specific time.

I participated last year and I love how it came out. Here are a couple of my layouts from last year

Last year my Week in the Life project was quite picture heavy, I think that maybe this year I will focus on one or two pictures & more journalling. And whether I go totally digital or totally tradition or a mixture of the two. I do enjoy participating in this project & will be posting as I go along. Still got plenty of time to decide on how things are going to look & be done before things begin. This year a Week in the Life begins 25th July & goes till 31st July.


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