A Revoloution!

A food revoloution has begun in our house, and its all becuase of this book


I am sure alot of people are now knowingly nodding right now cause they know exactly why this cookbook has caused a real change in the way that we eat in our household. Like most people weekdays meals are tough, between work, music practise & church commiteements we don’t get alot of meal preparation time. For the last few months I have been doing all the meal cooking in our house with WH being so busy with work, I impemented a weekly meal plan that has worked great (must admit that the last few weeks I havve been very slack & havn’t planned any meals at all & have really noticed the difference to when I was planning meals! Getting back into meal planning this week I promise). Here is where I put our meal plan

I made it out of some of my digital scrapbooking supplies & an op-shop frame spray painted black. I write on the glass with whiteboard markers I just love how well it works (when I rememeber to actually use it!).

Since the begining of the year(ish) we have been watching Jamie Qliver’s 30min Meals on TV & even made a couple of recipes from the show (‘Roasted potatos’ & glazed carrots) we were blown away at how quick easy and above all else yummy things were. So we descided that we had to get the cookbook, thinking that since it was being advertised for sale after the show was over that the book should be easy to find in a book store. Right? Wrong.

We looked for weeks, months for this cookbook. Even asked my sister to keep an eye out (she is great at finding things tthat you are having trouble locating) but even she couldn’t find it. Then a few weeks agao I got a text from my sister saying that her work had just had a book club catalougue come in & it had ‘Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals’ for $20! From searching the net I knew that the book was worth $50 & I couldn’t get it online for anything  less that $30 (not including postage). So I texted back yes please!!!!! My sister, brother also got a copy each & my in-laws are going to get one too.

So far we have made a couple of indivdual meals & one whole meal. For those who don’t know how these 30min meals work, basically in 30 mins you can make a whole meal, sides, sauces, dessert & sometimes a fancy drink. The recipes are set out in steps; start the beef, then work on slicing the potatos for the side dish, back to the beef, begin the dessert, get the ingredients out for a drink, cook the potatos, finish the beef letting it rest, put the dessert together, finsh the drink & finally slice the beef serve the potatos. Litteraly 30mins dinner!

Also everything is served in serviing dishes not on indiviual plates, so it encourages you to sit at the table and all dig in. The food is simple, uncomplicated & unpretensious. Prefect for the week day meal issue.

Love, love, love this cookbook! Definatly one that is going to get well worn in our house.


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