Update on Daybed Progress

Click here, here, here & here to see the story so far with our daybed.

So when I last posted about our daybed I had cleaned it up & had come to the decision that painting would have to wait till after August (our big holiday to New Zealand). I am defiantly seeing this decision as a huge positive, because I am having some serious trouble picking a  paint colour. So having more decision-making time is something I am quite thankful for. I have narrowed things down to 9 different tones of grey (yep 9, see why extra decision-making time is needed).

Anyway, the big news is that since we are not painting till after the purpose for which it has been purchased is over (somewhere for our housesitter to sleep while we are in New Zealand) we moved the daybed upstairs into the music/guest room. At first WH (wonderful husband) wasn’t sure that the daybed was going to fit through the back door let alone the door to the room that it was going it. Disastrous thought! But I assured him that as long as it could be brought through the back door (which is a big glass door) we could just put it in the lounge room, moving one of the couches into the music room. It was a good temporary solution & we could figure  out moving it to its proper place after our holiday.

But when WH went downstairs to have a look at the daybed he discovered a couple of things; 1. the spring based was held to the base by 4 bolts that could be easily undone and 2. the wooden part of the daybed was held together with screws that also with alittle force (they were painted over) came undone. All this meant that the daybed could be disassembled into 4 pieces, spring base, back & two sides. Making things extremely easy to move upstairs, yeah!!!!

So here it is in its new home in our music/guest room.

You can also see from this picture how not very big this room is. None of the bedrooms in our house are really all that big. Our master bedroom only fits our double bed, tall boy dresser & a small chair.

So that is the latest, in a couple of weeks we will have a mattress & I’ll be able to get some linens & pillows. Can’t wait to have this project already to go.


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