Week in the Life: Saturday 30th

I really love Saturdays, I visit the markets and I spend the rest of the day doing whatever I want. A very relaxing day. Today I was also preparing for the next days bible study social picnic, I decided to make Quiche. Slight hick-up with trying to make a batch of gluten free Quiche but fixed that by pre-cooking the bases. Did some shopping (mostly window) for our nephews 3rd birthday (we are unfortunately missing his birthday this year cause of our holiday to New Zealand), will go back during the week with WH to get his present. We had a lovely dinner with a friend that either of us don’t get to see very much, lives change & you just sort of end up going in different directions. We had such a good time & even stayed out alittle longer than we normally would and had hot chocolates together.

Today I again appreciated the friends that we have, particularly the type that makes the same amount of effort that I do in keeping the friendship going.


Week in the Life: Friday 29th

No work, no commitments & no worries! After the hectic week I have had with extra working, meetings, etc….I was so glad to sleep in get up late & do whatever I wanted. Today I started as I always do with making the bed & having my quiet time with God. This morning I found my time in prayer very helpful as tonight it was the first youth night since I have taken over the administration & making sure we are all ready for youth group. Our peach tree again is flowering in the middle of winter! I do love its small pink flowers & with the touch of a few green leaves it has brought a wonderful shot of colour to our backyard.

Today I reflected on how lucky I am to be able to have today off & relax & recharge. Lucky that I don’t have to world anymore than I do, that my WH earns enough money for our lifestyle. No luck isn’t right, fortunate & blessed.

Week in the Life: Thursday 28th

Didn’t take a whole lot of photos today, again I was at work so busy preparing for the office move (and the fact that it was last day at work before our trip to New Zealand in a couple of weeks) that I actually forgot to take pictures of me during my working day. Today was also about multi-tasking, preparing to-do-list for after work & preparing a slow cooked stew so that dinner was easy when I got home from work (it was yummy too!!!) I love our slow cooker.

Today I appreciated all the technology that I have to make my daily life easier, from my phone, tablet computer to our slow cooker. Without technology I would be so much more exhausted at the end of my days & I doubt we wouldn’t be eating anything but fast food.

Week in the Life: Wednesday 27th

Surprise work! When I was helping with the invitations yesterday (click here) I was at my place of work, which was a surprise for the people I work with. But since I was there they decided that they wanted me to work some extra hours. Hey every little bits helps! So here I am sorting files out the back in preparation for an office move. Soooooo many empty suspension files. I am very blessed to work where I work, my hours are dictated by me and when I work is worked around everything else that I do during my week. Today I also started a new job, Youth Administration for our church. The work will only be a couple of hours a week, but being able to work for the church that I love is just so exciting. Also got a wonderful vote of approval from the Elders of our church, which since I think so much of this group of men means alot.

Today I really appreciated how God works, particularly in my life. God has brought opportunities my way that I never saw coming, or even considered. God is good!

Week in the Life : Tuesday 26th

Oh busy day! I pretty much spent all day in my car, driving from A to B then C and finally D. I was helping with invitations to our church’s girls weekend away, then doing some preparation for a Fathers day craft for Faithgirlz (pre teen girl mentoring program) since we are going to New Zealand in a couple of weeks I am not going to be here to do any prep and the actual craft is going to be done a couple of days after we get back from New Zealand. Finally I picked up my sister from her work. Today we also started selling our masses of madarines that our tree produces every year, more money for our holiday!

Today I appriciated how fortunate I am to have my friends, spending time together with a couple of my friends was something that I havn’t done in ages. Just laughing and listerning to them was refreshing & recharging.

Week in the Life: Monday 25th

Despite my excitement at starting this project again this year (click here to learn about the Week in the Life project) last week, I actually totally forgot that things started up on Monday. Thankfully I had put Week in the Life in my calendar on my computer so when I turned on my computer to check my emails up popped my Week in the Life reminder. Then I was all snap happy.

Monday’s in our house are pretty much always the same, WH has his piano lesson in the arvo so we had a leisurely morning eating breakfast & taking a walk around our small town (favourite part of every Monday morning!). This particular Monday we also did some shopping, we finally got the mattress for our daybed. Yeah! Unfortunately we also had a hack being noticed on WH’s computer 😦 which means that facebook passwords had to be changed & virus scans were run on both our computers.

My favourite part of the whole day was when we made our first cheesecake! Oh yummy! It certainly wasn’t the prettiest thing it the world, but it was one of the best tasting cheesecakes that I have had in a long time.

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