Birthday Party Aunty

I posted here alittle while ago that I always seem to get involved making things for our niece & nephews birthday parties, well this weekend just gone was our nieces 1st birthday. I had designed the invitations (I actually cheated and took alot of inspiration from cute invitations on the net, then made my own budget version) & made a pinata.

I did take pictures of the pinyata….I swear I did but I took them with my phone & right now I can’t seem to locate my cable…….must be somewhere. Anyway I used the same method that Sherry did on Young House Love (don’t you just love these guys?), it was a pull pinata. No sticks needed to break this baby open, there was ribbon attached to the base & when they were pulled the base came off & all the goodies fell out.

Here are a few pictures from the party

It was such a lovely morning, there were a few big clouds but they didn’t come over all morning so we had very lovely blue skies & lots of warm sunshine. Very thankful for the sunshine as I had forgotten to take an extra coat, so would have been pretty cold in just my cardigan. Hard to believe that it has been a whole year since our niece was born, how time flies.

Happy Birthday to our wonderful Niece!


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