Pinata party!

Thought that I would show my process for making the pinata I made for our nieces 1st birthday. As I said it my post yesterday I pretty much followed how Sherry from Young House Love made her pinata for her daughters 1st birthday.

1. cut strips of newspaper (or recycled used copy paper, tissue paper or even toilet paper)

2. I used a flour & water glue because it was easy to make, cheap & didn’t require me going out and buying glue. Also I felt that it was a very safe option incase any little ones decided to ‘taste’ the pinata.

3. I blew up one of the balloons that I had left over from a craft I ran with my church’s preteen mentoring program called ‘Faithgirlz’, it wasn’t as round as I would have liked. But it would still look great in the end.

4. Dip your strips of paper in your glue, scrap off any excess with your fingers & cover your balloon. Make sure you smooth down the paper well.

5. After doing about 4 layers of paper let the pinata dry for 24hrs (if after 24hrs your pinata is still damp hit it with a hair dryer), after it is nice & dry pop the balloon!

6. Poke two holes in what will be the top of the pinata (was the bottom when you were covering the balloon with paper), thread some ribbon (or string) through the holes so that you have somewhere to hang the pinata.

7. Cut a piece of cardboard that fits the hole that was left from where you popped the balloon, poke holes into the cardboard & thread ribbon through the holes.

Note: At this stage it is best to fill the pinata with whatever you want to fill the pinata with. Tape the base in place (I use just plain tape but it didn’t stick too well, needed to use alot of tape. Masking tape would have been better.) be careful with the amount of tape you use as you don’t want it to be too hard to ‘pull’ the base off but you want the base to stay in place until it is pulled. I had to fill the pinata when I was at the party which I don’t recommend it wasn’t easy to get the base taped in place.

8. Decorate! Using a cardboard circle as a template cut your tissue paper into circles. One packet of tissue paper should cover one pinata depending on the size of the balloon that you used. Using a glue stick attach the circles to the pinata in a layered form so that it kinda looks like fish scales.

Cute isn’t it?

Here is a few more pictures cause I just think it is so cute that it deserves a few more pictures.


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