Holiday speed bump

I have been waiting……waiting for something to happen……I knew that it was…..almost certain that it would happen. When you make holiday plans that involve a visit to a town that has been hit (and hit hard) by a natural disaster things going alittle wrong are just to be expected.

Our trip to New Zealand is 1 month & 3 days away (do I hear a woohoo. Woohoo!!!!), so exciting! We are flying out of Christchurch at the end of our 10 day adventure. Christchurch as you should know (unless you are a hermit that until really recently was living in a cave without TV, phone or internet) was hit by a huge earthquake & has been continually experiencing after shocks. I am a worrier & I just knew that going to a place that was so badly damaged & affected by such a devastating event would have to affect our plans in some way.

Yesterday I got a phone call from our travel agent he said that our hotel in Christchurch has had to close (oh no!) but we had been automatically transferred to another hotel. We knew this might happen, when we went in to the travel agents to make our final payment our agents said that with the continual seismic activity our hotel might close, and if that happened we would be automatically moved to another hotel as close to what we had already booked as possible, but this might mean having to pay alittle more. Thankfully the place that we are now booked into is actually cheaper! SCORE!

So we (as a group) have an extra $48 in the holiday fund (you can picture me doing alittle “happy dance”).

Can’t believe that our trip is only a tiny bit over a month away, he he he he! I am just busting to start packing, planning & getting ready. I think that I actually enjoy the getting ready part more that the actual holiday part….only alittle bit more 🙂


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