Travel Tip

I am back with another Travel tip that I have found during my wanderings of the world wide web (click here to check out my last Travel Tip). This tip comes from one of my favourite bloggers, Becky Higgins. She is an awesome recorder of her family memories & history. And I am so envious of her skills with a camera too. Her tip is all about what Becky calls {Virtual Bookmarks}.

{Virtual Bookmaking}

This is a perfect technique for multi-day holidays, particularly extended trips (like our New Zealand trip!!! Woohoo! Less than a month now). You take a picture of the date at the beginning of each day. How simple is this idea, think of it…..When you get home & upload your photos you will have bookmarks with the dates of the days that you took that lot of  photos.

I love the simplest of ideas & this one is defiantly the simplest that I  have heard of. A definite doer for our holiday to New Zealand.

Oh yeah & I love the ways that Becky got her photos of the date. I must admit I love her hand writing! Just between you and me I have her hand writing as a font, it is my go to font!


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