Craft lift

I love reading blogs! Especially blogs about crafting & creating a stylish home (on a budget!). Lately I have been taking some of my favourite projects & giving them ago for myself & so far I am very happy with the results. Thought that I would share my first two projects.

First is a Bunting Cosmetic bag by Just Another Hang Up, this tutorial is also made with a tutorial from Noodlehead (scrapy make-up pouch tutorial). Suzanne from Just Another Hang Up took the tutorial from Noodlehead & created her own cute front section with a bunting detail. Here is my version;

I am using this bag for our trip to New Zealand (had enough of me going on about  it yet?), the first Travel Tip I posted was about creating a bag that  holds all your needs for a flight (lip balm, ear plugs, MP3 player, etc…).

This bag will hold all my airplane needs & it is cute to boot! It was actually really easy, both tutorials were super easy to  follow, even someone with very basic sewing skills (me!!!!) could produce one of these cute & useful bags. I am going to be making one for WH &  my little sister too.

Second is this tutorial from The Precious Little things In Life, Texturing a Wooden Letter Using Rolled Up Book Pages. Such a simple but very affective idea, I got some faded books from an op-shop (5 or $1 score!). Took awhile to roll the paper & then attach it to the letter (I used a “J” that I had also found at an op-shop for $1). Here it is:

Looks fantastic sitting in our bookshelf, and I have plenty of book pages left over for another project or two (this project didn’t even take up one book & I have 5!).


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