Travel Tip

As we are getting closer to our departure date for our trip to New Zealand I am finding more and more great travel tips. Todays travel tip comes from Cassie over at Hi Sugarplum, well it is more like tips. I only found her blog this year and I wish I had found it earlier!

Cassie and her husband recently went on a wonderful sounding trip to Paris, Brugges & Brussels. And she hosted alittle Q&A about how she travels. There are two post 1 & 2.

I have taken my favourite tips from both posts, check out the orignal posts here & here.

Travelling on a Budget

– if your hotel  has a membership program join! We do this alot, we receive free drinks, room upgrades & late check outs (love late check outs!)

– travel off-season. Oldies but still a goodie! We are travelling between the Rugby world cup & school holidays in New Zealand. We will miss alot of the  crowds & still enjoy alot of activities (free!) that are arranged for school holidays.

– Use public transport. We also walk, alot! Saves money & you get to see so much of a place, you hardly miss any tiny detail. And it is good for your health too!

– Eat up at the free buffet breakfast (if your room has it included). Great idea! If we are staying in a hotel we always make sure the hotel offers complimentary breakfast, or pay alittle extra to have breakfast included. Where better to fill up then where you don’t have to pay for it.

 Looking stylish

– Accessories are an easy way  to pull an outfit together & take up very little room in a suitcase.


– One small roller case each, one cross body purse & a small backpack. I am so impressed by how much Cassie can get into one small suitcase! I am going to try my hardest to pack as lightly as possible. It will be great when we are moving from hotel to hotel then into our campervan. Three people can accumulate alot of stuff on holidays.

– What to pack; make sure each item can be mixed and match with at least two other items creating multiple looks. Love this! Check out the actual post for what Cassie packs cloths wise, very smart women. Since we are going to a much colder place we will have a few extra items of  clothing (thermals, jackets, I will have ski pants & a ski jacket).

– Layer dryer sheets between layers of  cloths to keep things smelling fresh.

What to wear  on the plane

– Black yoga pants & a white t-shirt, with a cardigan & a cute scarf. Comfort being the key, cardigan can be taken off & the scarf can even be used as a pillow or cover your  face when you are trying to sleep. Cassie also changes into slipper socks. I am defiantly going to be going with a few more layers as we are going to the cold temperatures that we have never felt before. But I am seriously considering getting some black yoga pants, more comfortable than a pair of jeans.

Dealing with Jet-lag

– Switch to the local time zone, be awake during the day & sleep at night. Only take short naps. I have never been somewhere with a different timezone, well expect for daylight savings & the other small time differences you find in other states. But nothing significant anyway. New Zealand is on about a 3hr time difference, which is also the approximate amount of time that it takes to fly to New Zealand. So we are going to be in the unique position of flying out the same time we arrive. Fun! Don’t know how much jet lag we will suffer from but I will defiantly be taking Cassie suggestions into account!


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