Week In the Life : Ali PDF download

Next week is the beginning of Week In the Life project (click here if you have no idea as to what I am talking about!)

Ali Edwards has put up some great ideas, tips and tricks about how she goes about her Week in the Life project, check out her website for more.

I have finally finished the basic design for my daily pages (yeah!), I have gone with the same design that Ali is going with this year. I am also only going with two pages unlike the three-four pages I went with last year. Alittle much for me last year.

Click here to go to Ali’s latest post on her website to see her thoughts on the process of Week in the Life & a free PDF Daily sheet. This daily sheet looks like it is going to be great to jot down your thoughts on the day without needing to turn on your computer. I am going to print all the pages staple them together & keep these daily sheets with my camera and a pen. I’ll be ready to document everyday life & not miss those little details of everyday (documenting those little details is one of the great things about doing this Week in the Life project).

Would love to know if anyone else is participating in this years Week in the Life Project!


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