Week in the Life: Saturday 30th

I really love Saturdays, I visit the markets and I spend the rest of the day doing whatever I want. A very relaxing day. Today I was also preparing for the next days bible study social picnic, I decided to make Quiche. Slight hick-up with trying to make a batch of gluten free Quiche but fixed that by pre-cooking the bases. Did some shopping (mostly window) for our nephews 3rd birthday (we are unfortunately missing his birthday this year cause of our holiday to New Zealand), will go back during the week with WH to get his present. We had a lovely dinner with a friend that either of us don’t get to see very much, lives change & you just sort of end up going in different directions. We had such a good time & even stayed out alittle longer than we normally would and had hot chocolates together.

Today I again appreciated the friends that we have, particularly the type that makes the same amount of effort that I do in keeping the friendship going.


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