Week in the Life: Sunday 31st

Well, here we are the last day of a Week in the Life. I have really enjoyed participating, I love having this snap shot into a week in our lives. Something that I know I am going to enjoy looking back on.

Today was a packed day but a day that both me & WH said was totally enjoyable. WH sung at church this morning in the  worship team, I love watching him enjoy himself up on stage. After church we had our bible study social barefoot bowls followed by a potluck picnic at cotton tree at the mouth of the river. It was such a fun thing to do, our competitive sides came out & there was loads of laughter. There was soooo much food for lunch that we were all totally stuffed, still had energy to play a game of frisbee! For dinner we had a WH family dinner which was really nice, we had a moccrocan terrine & cheesecake. My favourite moment from dinner was coming into the lounge to find my husband sitting on the couch with our niece snuggled into him going to sleep sucking her thumb.

Today I enjoyed recharging with God in preparation for the next week to come, so much has happened in the last week & I know that God was at the centre of everything. I am so thankful & grateful for the work that God has done in my & WH’s life.


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