Craft lift & Travel Tip

As of today there is only one whole week before we are get setting to New Zealand. Can’t believe it! Sorry things have been alittle quite since I finished taking pictures for my Week in a Life. We are having a housesitter stay in our home while we are away so I have been crazily cleaning our house from top to bottom. Still have alittle ways to go on the cleaning. But I am taking a quick break to share another Craft Lift project that I have recently completed, this project is something that I made for our trip. I think that it is such a good idea for people who travel with gadgets (cameras, e-readers, mp3 player, etc…), so this is also a Travel Tip.

I love Martha Stewart, her style is clean, simple & very soficated. Don’t know if I would really want to live in a home exactly like hers (too many wasted  rooms), but while I was reading one of the many Martha Stewart newsletters I get (I subscribe to 3!) I notice at the bottom a link for a Gadget Travel Tote.


I loved this idea as soon as I saw it, basically it is a repurposed tea towel that holds all the cords (power cords, data cables, etc) that you need for the gadgets that you travel with. I have quite a few tea towels that I have bought at op-shops & collectables fairs, so this craft project was just calling me. Here is my version;

I love the result! This gadget tote is going to be so useful, now all of our cords are going to be in the one same place. And how organised are things going to be (ticking all the boxes!!!!).


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