The final count down!

Does anyone get the song reference? 80’s flashback (at least I think 80’s maybe early 90’s).

Tomorrow we start packing, then on Thursday we are off to New Zealand for what promises to be the most memorial holiday that me & WH have ever taken. So exciting!!!!!

Since we are having a housesitter look after our house & little birdie I spent all last week cleaning the house from top to bottom. Cleaning every single nook & crany. Cleaning places that I usually don’t even bother with during spring cleaning. It was an exhausting week, but totally satisfying. One thing I didn’t get to last week was getting a new shower curtain & non-slip bath mat. Today we were getting a couple of things at Aldi & we spotted shower curtains for $14 & non-slip bath mats for $8, score!

Didn’t take any before shots, our old shower curtain & bathmat were moldy & kinda disgusting. Not surprising since we have had them since we moved into our home 4ish years ago. Also I have been decorating our bathroom in a french beach theme, so our old brown square & strip patterned shower curtain just didn’t cut it anymore.

I am really liking this light bright blue shower curtain, really brightens up our bathroom. There is only one window in our bathroom & it opens onto the side of our house that doesn’t get any sun. So not a particularly light filled bathroom.

I really like the subtle square pattern & it is a fabric shower curtain which means I can throw it into the washing machine with our towels to remove soap scum & any mold build up. Love that!

I went with a charcoal coloured non-slip bathmat because I bought a light coloured mat last time & it got stained & moldy that it looked gross. So I am hoping that this darker colour will hide any stains.

I have added a couple of other little decorating extras, some storage jars.

Two jars I bought from a Dollar store for no more than $8 each, one I got from an Op-shop for 50c & the other two I got from WH’s work they were empty instant coffee jars (WH’s employees go through soooo much coffee! One of the jars was huge). The coffee jars caused me alot of trouble trying to get rid of the coffee smell, I used hot water, tea tree oil & bicarb and vinegar.

On each of the jars I put a vinyl chalkboard sticker (got mine from Etsy here), love how they turn what is essential a bunch of old coffee jars into some seriously good-looking storage jars for our bathroom. The two baskets (you can see in the picture of the storage jars on the shelf) that we also have in our bathroom are great but I am going to label them as well with personalised labels the same shape as the chalkboard labels. But that will have to wait till we get a new printer (don’t even ask!!!!).

So glad to have a fresh look in our bathroom for our housesitter. 48hrs left!!!!


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