Holiday shopping

As well as souvenirs I was able to get somethings for myself. It has been such a long time since I was able to do any shopping & really enjoyed shopping with my sister (who came on the holiday with myself & my husband). Thought I would share what I brough back with me.

I am sooo in love with this jumper, it has a cool military vibe. And when it is buttoned (and zipped) all the way up it covers the lower part of my face. Really useful when I was skiing. It is made out of polo fleece, one of my fav fabrics cause it is just so warm.

Note to self: clean mirror before using it to take self portraits. I so didn’t notice the toothpaste spots! Arrrhhh!

Blue bag, I really love this bag. It is a colour that I don’t usually choose in a bag (I am more of a neutral colour type). I also found it quite useful while on holiday (click here to find out how).

I bought this ring while we were on the West Coast, it was made by a local artist. I like getting something that was made by a local person, kinda like having a link to the place where you were on holidays.

New Zealand is famous for a few things, sheep, Kiwi’s (animal & people) & jade (also know as green stone). I was really hoping to come back from New Zealand with some jade. But didn’t find any till we were at the airport on our way home. I don’t know if it is really jade but it certainly looks like it & that is good enough for me.

The best thing about shopping in New Zealand was defiantly the cost, we had the fortune of having a good exchange rate. So things were just so much cheaper to purchase. Hehehehe!

I promise that holiday pics are coming! Just finished downloading the photos & organising them in Photoshop. Only downside to coming home from holidays, all the photo sorting!!!! And wanting to do it all over again, well almost all of it (more on that later).


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