Our trip of a life time

Going to New Zealand 2 weeks ago was  the most amazing trip we have ever taken. It was our first overseas trip EVER! I have finally got the chance to organise some pictures to share we you.

We arrived in Dunedin to a shock to how cold it was, leaving home it had been 23 degrees (which felt cool) to walk out of the airport in Dunedin to 10 degrees! The whole time we were in New Zealand the temperature didn’t reach 20 degrees!!!! We had one night in Dunedin and drove to Queenstown (a drive of about 3 hrs), our frist view of snow-capped mountains was amazing!

In Queenstown we skied for 2 days & then had planned on going down to Milford Sound for a cruise, but on our second days of skiing a snow front came in and totally blanketed  the whole area with about 30cm of snow. So there was no driving!

But all that snow meant we going to make snowmen, throw snowballs & WH made a snow angle. The whole town looked so beautiful covered in snow, everyone in town was out the first morning and there was like this huge snowball fight. Loved it! This was our first experience of snow ever!

After we left Queenstown we travelled to the west coast of New Zealand and stopped in Fox Glacier, where we did a guided walk of the glacier with the same name. This was just plain WOW! It was the first time they had sun on the glacier in 3 months & it also didn’t rain (the area usually gets 11m of rain every year & there are only about 100 days where it doesn’t rain).

From Fox Glacier we drove to Greymouth & spent time at the beach and soaked up some beautiful sunshine. WH loved the evening light & took loads of pictures in the orange glow of sunset. He took some awesome pictures (they will get posted on his blog here). Hamner Springs was our second last stop on our holiday. We went horse riding through the think snow & soaked in warm thermal springs. On our last morning in Hamner springs as we were trying to pack up the car we couldn’t open any of the doors of our car because it had gotten to -8 degrees overnight & had frosted over all the car doors!

Our last stop of Christchurch. This was a place that was devastated by earthquakes, just two streets from our hotel there were buildings that were totally destroyed. It certainly made you think as we wandered around. That night we had two scares at about 7:30pm there was an earthquake (later found out it was a 4 magnitude) then as we were sleeping there was another earthquake at about 1:00am (magnitude 3.9). After the second earthquake there was no more sleeping, which wasn’t all that bad as we had to get up at 3:00am to get to the airport for our flight anyway.

So there you go, our trip to New Zealand. Despite the earthquakes at the end of our trip we would defiantly do it all over again.


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