Spoonflower has arrived

Ok I think that I might be abit behind the 8 ball on this one, but I love Spoonflower! For anyone who (like me not so long ago) has never heard of Spoonflower, it is a site that sells fabric. But not just any fabric, fabric that has patterns that were created by members. You can even have your own pattern printed onto fabric, all you have to do is become a member (which is free!). There are some really beautiful and interesting patterns on Spoonflower, when I was searching around with nothing much in mind I found this fabric

<a title="Madman in a Blue Box by studiofibonacci on Spoonflower – custom fabric” href=”http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/310573″&gt;Madman in a Blue Box

WH is a huge Doctor Who fan & wanted me to make him a cover for his new tablet computer, he wants to have a plain dark outside (because he uses his tablet for work), but I thought that I would use this fabric for the inside linning. Abit of fun I thought (WH loved the idea when I suggested it to him). I order the fabric before we went on holiday & today when I went to the post office I found

Yeah! I will say that it took a while to get here 3 weeks, but I only paid for basic postage so I wasn’t surprised.

I am the type of person who really appreciates packaging, I love when stores put extra effort into how they package their product. Spoonflower certainly spoke to me with how they packaged their fabric for postage.

My favourite part was this Spoonflower label printed on fabric that sat on top of my order. It is the little touches that will defiantly assure that I will be shopping with Spoonflower again.

I can’t wait to get the rest of the fabric I need to make WH his cover for his tablet computer.

*I am not being paid by Spoonflower to express the views that I have expressed in this post, I have just had a fanastic experience.*


2 thoughts on “Spoonflower has arrived

  1. I have to wait for a stand that attached to the back of WH’s tablet computer to arrive, he wants the cover to go over both. As soon as that arrives I will definatly put photos up.

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