Today was Yesterday

Time zones make things interesting, when you travel you are either ahead of where you came from or behind. Sometimes you even lose an entire day. Yesterday was 11th September, but today (or more accurately this morning) it was 11th September in America. Since I was returning from a Girls retreat (more on that later) I didn’t really have time to have the significance of the day sink in. But today things feel different, and I think that is because it is in fact this day 10 years ago when I heard & saw the images of the two planes hitting the twin towers, the pentagon & crashing into the field in Pennsylvania. I was 18 in my first year of University, enjoying my first year of being an adult and all that comes with that. I can remember hearing the news from the radio in the kitchen while I was still half a sleep in my bed, though the memory that really sticks with me (and many others) is sitting having lunch at Uni & watching the TV that had been set up in the brassiere (canteen) the image of people leaping from the burning towers.

Two of my fav bloggers have created some wonderful printable to make the 10 year anniversary of the day that changed the world.

(source – the letter 4)

(source – Less Cake More Frosting)


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