Girls Retreat Weekend 2011

I’m going to be honest, I totally forgot that I signed up for my church’s Girls Retreat Weekend. I think that is because the weekend was only a week after we came back from our New Zealand trip. I just wasn’t ready to pack my bags & head off again, particularly with WH (kind mushy sounding I know, but I do love him very much). But WH really urged me to go, saying (rightly so) that I  would regret not going if I didn’t.

It was a great weekend, this is the second Girls Retreat Weekend that our church has run. We stayed in the same place as last year, an apartment resort in Coolum 30mins north of home. We stay in villa style accommodation that can fit 5-6 (depending if a couple of people share the double-king sized bed) people, each villa has their own kitchen, dinning & lounge. This year we had 25 women on the retreat, we ate dinner each night together as a big group & had all other meals (breakfast & lunch) separately in our villa groups. As for what we did this year, loads! Unlike last year we didn’t have a totally filled up schedule, which was nice & relaxing.

On Saturday morning we had the choice of going for a walk up Mt Coolum (did that last year), going for a surf, going to the  Eumundi Markets (my choice!) or sleeping in. I was really drawn to the sleeping in choice at first, but I can sleep in any day of the week so I opted to go to the markets. I haven’t been to the Eumundi markets in years! I couldn’t belive how much it had grown. I went with three other ladies & ran into four more ladies  actually at the markets. I bought myself a necklace & a too cute birdie brooch. Also got to eat macaroons for the first time, had a double chocolate one & a chocolate & cherry one yummy, yummy!

When we arrived at the markets we kinda got our car stuck in the mud! Really stuck too. Thankfully when we were ready to leave a kind gentlemen came along & offered to tow us out. He had a Defender 4wd so had not trouble pulling our vehicle out, it was such a site that I grab my camera & videoed the whole thing. Hehehehehe!

We also did a Amazing Race style beach game & a Price is Right/ Minute to Win it game. Alot of silliness & laughing! Ofcourse there was wine, champagne, cheese & plenty of chocolate!!!!! Such a great weekend, can’t wait till next year!


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