Trying to clear

Since coming back from our trip to New Zealand at the beginning of last month I have felt like my head has been filled with fog, I’m not thinking as clearly & I’m forgetting things that I normally wouldn’t forget. I forgot WH’s sister-in-laws birthday (and her birthday party, which we had made plans to see my little bro instead opps!) & I forgot last weekend I signed up for my church’s Girls Weekend Retreat (will share more on that later). It is so very unlike me. So I decided that since this week is non-work week (I only work a few days in one week in a fortnight, slightly confusing I know) I would try to relax & clear the  fog out of my head.

First I scrapbooked. I actually had a lot of photos that I got printed months ago (probably when my online prints had a good deal) that I had done anything with & they had somehow been floating around out living room for the last 6months (approx.). I got three pages done in a matter of days.

WH’s cousins wedding (Sep 2010)

Trip to see Wicked the Musical (Mar 2011)

Girls Retreat Weekend (Oct (?) 2010)

Scrapbooking always helps me to feel a sence of accomplishment, but still didn’t completely clear away that fogging ‘not really here’ feeling. I had a hard look at my daily routine as well, and came to the conclusion that I watch too much TV during the day. I generally get up at 8am (though with how I have been feeling I have been having trouble getting up before 9:30am, we don’t have kids so please don’t judge!), make the bed, get dressed, have my daily prayer time & bible reading, get breakfast & sit on the couch turning the TV on. Mostly the TV will then stay on until bedtime, usually 9:30pm – 10:30pm. That can’t be good.

So I have been sitting outside on our back verandah (with September well and truly here we have been blessed with beautiful Spring days, couple of quite warm getting into 28-30 degrees (Celsius) as well), with my breakfast & tablet computer checking emails & enjoying just sitting.

Though doing this helped me find something else to try to clear my head. Everyday I would sit on the verandah looking at our garden this  is what I would see

Don’t know how well it shows, but weeds! Weeds! Weeds! Weeds! I spent the whole of Autumn weeding & mulching our entire garden. Hoping that I would be able to focus on planting over spring, with a tiny bit of weeding. I don’t know what happened but in some places the weeds have grown through the mulch in higher numbers than the ones that I originally pulled out! ARRRRHHH! So after whingeing for a couple of days I started weeding and mulching again. I only go our for an hour or two straight after breakfast (it has been getting hot around here!). Feels good to get your hands dirty & I do love how alive things are in Spring, gives you a lift.

Finally on Friday I decided that the best thing I really needed to do was to switch  off from the technical world for a day, no TV, no computer, no tablet, no technology. I did allow myself my MP3 player, a quite house can drive me alittle nutty (well….more nutty than normal). I baked bread, did alittle op shopping (found a great frame that I wanted for a project I am going to share  soon) & had a lunch date  with WH (sometimes on a Friday I will pack myself a lunch, or in this case I bought myself lunch, and head to WH’s work & we have lunch together in the lunch room). I only turned on the computer in the arvo when I sat down to plan the games I was going to run for Youth Group that night, then Dropboxed them to myself.

To be honest going with the tech felt good, but didn’t totally help with clearing my head so I felt in control & ontop of things again. Forgot to do somethings that I would have got reminders for if I had my computer on. But after a whole week on doing things that I hoped would clear my head I do feel better (yeah!!!). Which is good, since next week in ‘working week’ & I do need to have my head in gear & ready to go.


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