Craft Lift

I love reading blogs from people around the world, there are some seriously talented people out there. I am always saying ‘that is such a good idea’ or ‘I could do that’, but I never do. Whether it is because of procrastination or just lack of motivation I never end up doing any of the ideas that I find. So here is where craft lifting comes in, here is where I actually have a go and making something that I have seen on another blog. Click here & here is see my pervious craft lifts.

Today’s craft lift comes via the blog Who is Tracey? by Tracey Schultz. She has come up with a great idea to keep track of birthday’s & anniversary’s as well as a place to store cards, I really loved this idea because other than a gift you have everything at your finger tips & hopefully will help me not forget anyone’s birthday’s or anniversary’s again (it has happened twice in the last few months already!!!). Click here to head over to her blog & check out how she came up with her idea. Tracey is also offering a free printable of the birthday calendar that she made (love a free printable).

I decided to modify the idea alittle, mostly with making the pages A4 so they will fit into my Household binder.

1. I created in Microsoft publisher 12 calendar pages that were 1/3 page in size. I used cardstock just so when they are made into pockets they will hold up abit better than plain paper.

2. Flipping the calendar part over place double-sided tape on 3 sides (keep the top of the calendar part open, that is how the pocket is formed), I unfortunately use white double-sided tape which didn’t photograph well so I have added the red squiggle lines in photoshop.

3. Now get a another piece of A4 cardstock, pull off the backing to the double-sided tape & adhere the calendar piece to the bottom of the A4 piece of cardstock.

4. Now you have your pocket (this is where you slip birthday/anniversary cards)

1. To added these pages to your folder (I am using a two D ring binder) gentle fold over your A4 page & only crease the very edge.

2. Only creasing the very edge leaves you with a mark to line your hole punch up with.

3. Line your hole punch up with the small crease you made & punch your holes.

4. There you go, one completed page. Repeat all the steps for the other 11 months of the year.

I have also created a title page & placed my title page & all 12 months calendar pages into my household binder. Now I just have to make some cards to put in the pockets (actually have a couple of birthday’s that I have to make cards for so). This was such an easy craft to finish… to get off my butt & do some of those other drafts I have been meaning to do (I have tagged alot of pillow tutorials!).


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