*This is my 270th post, wow! Can’t believe how quickly the numbers fly by*

Did you know that the humble pillowcases as heaps of uses other than for covering a pillow? I did!!!! Thought I would show a couple of the ways I use pillowcases around our house and few others that I have found that I am defiantly going to be using.

1. Delicate washing bag

We use to lose socks in our washing machine all the time, I have no idea how they would disappear but after doing the washing I would find at least one  lonely sock. Also the hook & eyes on the back of my bras would always snags other clothing, getting bent out of shape and or causing holes & tears. Not good! We use to buy those delicate washing bags from the supermarket (or whenever I was in the laundry department) but they would only last a few weeks before deinergrate, or the zipper would catch on something in the washing opening up & everything would come out (so not the point!). The hook & eyes on my bras would still catch on the netting fabric too. So I started using old pillowcases, at first I sewed a drawstring into the top but found that it didn’t close that well and the odd sock was still making a break for it during the wash. Then I used velcro, that did the trick. Everything stayed where it was suppose to be and nothing escaped.

Pillowcases do still wear out, but they aren’t expensive to replace (unlike washing bags from the store), if you have spares around the house then they are pretty much free. I also recycle the velcro, removing it from the worn out pillowcases & sewing it on to the new one.

2. Ceiling fan cleaner

Every room in our house  has a ceiling fan, we use them almost 12 months of the year. During summer they keeps us cool & in winter they increase the efficiency of our heater by keeping the warm air circulating. But they get dusty. Yuck! Which is even more important because both myself & WH are asthmatics and dust really isn’t our friend. Cleaning ceiling fans can be messes & difficult, but I have found using a damp pillowcases makes the job alot easier.

You place each fan blade (one at a time) inside your damp pillowcase, as you pull the pillowcase off rub the dust off. Best thing is that all the dust stays on the inside of the pillowcases, when your done just throw the pillowcases into the wash & your ready to go again.

Searching the www I found heaps of other really good uses for pillowcases

10 uses for pillowcases on Re-nest

Unique ways to use pillowcases on Squidoo

11 creative cleaning uses for pillowcases

Ever-open laundry bag on Martha Stewart (I am doing this one for our bathroom as soon as I find a really cute pillowcase from the op-shop)

Do you have any interesting uses for the humble pillowcase?


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