Scrapbookers dream?


I love scrapbooking, I took a bit of an absence from scrapbooking for most of last and this year. I don’t really know why….probably as something to do with the state of my scraping space (did a clean up a while ago, click here & here, but it still needs LOADS of work). A couple of weeks ago I scrapped three pages in a matter of days (click here) & I am in the midst of planning for our holiday to New Zealand album. I was reading through the blogs that I follow & something caught my eye on Happiness is…. by Shannon Eileen, this is one of those blogs I generally only actually read if something catches my attention. Today she had a link to a yet-to-be released Android appt called Evertale. Check out Shannon’s post about Evertale she has a link to a strange but weird video that certainly makes you want to know more about Evertale.

From what I gather Evertale is an appt that acts like a self-writing scrapbook. Recording your memories for you. As I said before this appt hasn’t launched yet, but I sign-up on their website to be informed when it does launch. I am so curious. Aren’t you? Click here to sign up yourself.


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