Small but mighty organisation

I have been going through our bedroom trying to make it a space that is restful, peaceful & above all else organised!

This weekend my bedside table was in my sights. I don’t know what it is but if I can close it then I have a tendency to stuff a whole lot of junk in & not think about it. I think that I get that from my parents, as much as I love them when we were growing up if someone was coming around to our house we would pick up everything in the main part of the house & throw it in the closest room with a door that you could close. For years I use to do the same whenever people would come over to my house, close the doors to those messy junky rooms, even if they were our bedroom!

So the draw in my bedside table was pretty full, problem was that it was full of stuff that I actually wanted in the draw. But with a few things that we had lying around the house I was able to organise & streamline my little draw. Making things much easier to locate (especially in the middle of the night when I need something in there!).

Bedside table organisation 1

Believe it or not very thing that was in the before photo is still in the after photo, it is amazing how much stuff you can fit into an organised space.

I used a box from some chocolates that my WH brought home for me at some point (lucky me!), the box from a sewing kit that I got in amongst the toiletries you get in hotels & a couple of small pieces of non-slip material (love that stuff!!).

Bedside table organisation 2

This was such a small space to organise that it only took a couple of minutes to do, only took me alittle longer because I took photos. To date this would have to be my favourite organisational project I have done in our home so far.


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