Cardboard Box shelf transformation

I love a good series and one of the bloggers that I follow Becky at Organizing Made Fun is doing a series called 31 Days to {cheaply} Organize Your Home.

I have really loved reading about simple was to organise that don’t cost the earth (and can be free in some cases!), and as anyone who reads this blog regularly will know when it comes to my budget for organising our home it is generally always $0. So this series has really been something that I have been enjoying.

Day 2 was all about the humble cardboard box, I was inspired to use some old boxes that I have lying around to organise a bookshelf.

Cardboard box shelf organnise

Yep, I know serious help needed here. Half my problem was that I didn’t know how I wanted to use this shelf unit, I have had it since I was in High School (10 years plus!), it has this great storage box on the bottom that we are currently storing board games, backpacks & some towels (we got sooooo many towels when we got married 6 years ago, we still have a couple of sets stored). I finally decided that I would turn this into a ‘”landing strip” of sorts.

Cardboard box shelf organnise1

I really like how uncluttered and more simple things look now, things are still far from finished but I am very happy with how a few boxes have really helped to store & organise the things that we need here.

Cardboard box shelf organnise2

Once I decided that this shelf unit would be used as a “landing strip” (a place where I can put my handbag and my WH can put his wallet, keys & everything else he carries to work and around everyday) all the frames & things had to move somewhere else in the house (don’t know where that will be yet, I’ll let you know when I figure that out!).

Cardboard box shelf organnise3

Boxes are something that we aren’t in short supply of around here, we still have all the boxes we moved with when we moved in (5 years ago!). I have a hard time throwing things away, but I am glad for that here. Once I found a couple of boxes that would fit the shelves I cut them in half & ended up with four boxes out of two. I wasn’t going to leave them looking like boxes, I was going to cover them with plain paper & paint/spray paint them. But I remembered that I had some book pages left from this craft lift project, so decided instead to cover the boxes with book pages.

I was going to show you how I covered my boxes in book pages but my cousin Talia over at Number 19, did a great tutorial when she decoupages a lazy susan with music paper. So click here to see how to decoupage.

Once I finished covering my boxes with the book paper I attached some labels (I can’t remember where I got this labels from, put check out websites like The Graphics Fairy for great vintage labels (and other images). And I was done!

Cardboard box shelf organnise1

Still quite a bit to do, but these boxes are certainly on the right track. I’m a happy girl.


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