Dating WH

I have been married to this wonderful husband (WH) for alittle over 6 years now.


One thing we have always tried to do regularly is continue to ‘date’ each other. We were pretty good at the dating thing before we got married, we started dating when I was 14 years old. But it is amazing how quickly you get into the habit of not making an effort just because you live together all the time. So we put dates into our calendar, to make sure  we put our relationship before the rest of our busy lives.

Our dates aren’t usually fancy, but they all share some important things. Firstly, we are together;


Secondly, we do something particular. Like shopping (yep, WH actually likes going shopping with me. Lucky girl I know),


eating somewhere, go hiking or doing a photo shoot (WH is an amateur photographer). Sometimes  our dates are as simple as going out for hot chocolate (neither of us drink coffee).


And lastly we do whatever we decide to do somewhere particularly nice. Not just going to the same places that we would go to for everyday shopping, etc….


Our dates are something that I really look forward to & value. And I know that this time together will be something I value even more, when we decide to have kids.


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