Busy, busy, busy

OMG! I have been soooo busy. So sorry that I haven’t blogged for awhile. I am in the midst of planning an event for our Church based on the reality TV show the Amazing Race. We are holding it this coming weekend, so as you can imagine things are getting crazy! I can’t wait.

I am also in the midst of completing a project I started ages ago! Yeah for finally getting things (almost) done.

I am talking about the organisation & decoration of our TV unit. Since it has been awhile since I began this project things have changed with what I had planned, but I’m fine with that.

Here is where I left things

When I decorated the boxes for my “landing strip” project I still had loads of book paper left (may have bought too many books from the op shop, they were cheap!), and one day I was staring at my unfinished TV unit boxes and I thought that if I covered them with book paper as well then they would go with the boxes that I had just finished.

Cardboard box shelf organnise1

So far it has been three days of glue, cutting & folding. But I am almost there! Yeah, yeah. yeah! I totally promise that I will show you all finished result, I can’t wait to finish covering the TV unit boxes with book paper as I have come up with a fun idea to label them (WH still can’t find the DVD he wants when he wants it, sorry honey!!!).


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