Tech free zone

I have totally admitted to being a tech head, I love having the latest technology and I use gadgets & apps all the time during the day for a range of things (click here to see my most used apps). I have been reading & listening to a series that Apartment Therapy did in 2010 called the 20/20 Fall Home Cure. I have enjoyed this series so much I have bookmarked it in my browser.

The cure is 20 days & 20 projects to completely change your home. Click over to the page for the 20/20 fall home cure & watch the videos. I have just finished watching all the videos & found that I really enjoyed doing the very easy daily projects. And I love the way I have changed in the way I feel about my home. That can only be a good thing!

Day 14 was all about doing a Media fast. Scary, difficult, impossible! A few words that came to mind before I started watching the day 14 video. But after watching the video I sort of had a rethink…..and thought that it was a very good idea. Turning off from the technical world & letting your mind relax, actually sounds good! But I decided to take things alittle further. A whole media fast room!

Every morning for at least 30mins I take time to spend on my relationship with God. I take time to pray & read the bible. Until recently I have been doing this in our bedroom, but it hasn’t felt right. I get interrupted & feel in the way when WH is home & is trying not to disturbed me but needs to get ready for  work. So I have decided to move myself into our guest room / music room. But the state of the room didn’t really reflect the carm, comfy feeling that I wanted. And the main reason would be the bookshelf in the room.


It was mostly used to hold all the junk that didn’t really have another home, it also held stuff for tax time & all our instruction manuals & warranty information. Not an organised piece of furniture. I thought about what I would like this bookshelf to actual do. After thinking for a couple of days I decided that an actual bookshelf was the best use for this bookshelf, I know, I know, smart thinking. Also this room since I wanted it to be a place of media fasting would be a good reading place. So I took everything off the bookshelf, sorted through it all and found new homes for the stuff that needed to stay in the house. Then I moved alot of our book from our bookshelf in the lounge dinning area and filled the new bookshelf.


I am so happy with how the bookshelf looks now. I have always struggled with styling bookshelves, I don’t think that I am particularly good at it. But I really like the way that this bookshelf has turned out. So much so that I find myself just staring at it when I am in the room. I really enjoy sitting in this room every morning, to pray & doing my bible reading. I still have things to organise, more projects to come! This is going to be a great media free space, my brain is going to love the relaxing & resting it’s going to get here.


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