OMF 31 days l.o.v.e

For the last 27 days I have been following along with Becky at Organization Made Fun’s 31 Days to {cheaply} Organize Your Home.

OMF 31 days

I have been so inspired to do & even complete a few projects around our home. Thought I would share how I use few of the ideas that Becky has had during the last 27 days (I’ll also share from the next 4 days, but I don’t know what her ideas will be over the next 4 days. I know they’ll be good though).

Cardboard Boxes

So cheap! So easy to get hold of! I have used cardboard boxes almost all over the house. Click here & here for a couple of projects I have done with cardboard boxes in our lounge & new ‘landing strip’ area. I have also used cardboard boxes to store & organise things in our pantry.

cardboard box uses

Rubbish bins (aka Trashcans)

I use a rubbish bin to store my supply of potting mix next to my potting bench. I buy potting mix in large bags, because it saves money & I always have potting mix when I need it.



I am obsessed with labels! I was given a label maker for my birthday last year (or was it the year before, or Christmas…..can’t really remember) & I may have gone alittle nutso labelling. I also make my own labels in my craft room as well as on our ‘landing strip’.



Op-Shopping (aka Thrifting)

I am only a fairly recent convert to shopping op-shops. I picked up an old suit case which I use to store sheets in our master bedroom & a toast holder to hold letters that need to be opened & sorted.




Re-purpose Furniture

I have had a shelf unit with a storage chest underneath since I was an early teenager, it has been a piece  of furniture that has floated around the homes that we have lived in (and its a heavy piece to be moving around!!) not really having a purpose. One day it hit me, use it to create a ‘landing strip’! I used cardboard boxes to store all the junk associated with a household ‘landing strip’ (bags, seasonal clothes, etc..). Check out the transformation here. I’m not done yet, still want to add some hooks for coats & I have alittle more clutter that needs sorting. But I’m happy with it so far!

Cardboard box shelf organnise1

5 days worth down! Lots to go. I’ll be back with another post soon.

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4 thoughts on “OMF 31 days l.o.v.e

  1. I am loving your thrifty organizing solutions! It doesn’t get better then free boxes! I have a thing for labels too. Your clothes pin labels are adorable. I’ll have to use that idea soon. How cute.

    • Thanks so much Autumn! Can’t wait to see what you do with clothes pegs! Glad to see I’m not the only one with a love of labels 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting my little blog!

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