Been awhile & it will be a while yet

Oh my it has been a few weeks since I have posted! Please excuse me for that. November hasn’t been a particularly good month for me. And it isn’t over just yet. I just wanted to pop into the blog to let you know that I am still here, but also that I probably won’t be around very much for alittle while yet.

It has just been one thing after another for me lately. Health wise. This coming Monday I have a follow up appointment with my Doctor to get the results of a specialist appoint I had during the week. I am hoping and praying that I get answers.

I will be back as soon as things settle & I have some answers (and made any necessary lifestyle changes).


ikea small space channel

Ok, how did I not know that Ikea had its own channel on YouTube! I came across this channel & have just spent the last few minutes watching all the videos. They are hosted by some of Ikeas interior designers & mention actual Ikea product names very rarely.

Loved the ideas that they had for maximising storage in small spaces. Though we don’t have as small a spaces as were in these videos (these are some extreme small spaces), there ideas could be used in any sized home to maximise space & keep things organised.


Check out the Ikea channel here. I think I might love Ikea even more, is that possible?!


This morning I drove 1/2 hr for a 15min job interview. Might sound like a long way to drive, but it’s pretty standard for us where we live. We live in a small town 30mins from anywhere. I have pretty much always lived in the area so having to travel is something that I am totally use to.

Anyway….my interview. I think that it went ok, I am never totally confident when it comes to interviews, 18months of unemployment really killed my confidence a year ago. But I am still glad that I gave it my best, it would be a dream job.

I love scrapbooking and being able to say that I get to do scrapbooking for a living would be just wonderful. The hardest part of preparing for this interview was that I had to take with me 1 example each of a recent scrapbooking page & a card (both being original designs), do you know how hard that is? Hard! But I did it.

This is the scrapbooking page I choose;

Not a great picture I know, but it is the page that most people I asked for help choose. And I think that it went down well with the people  I was interviewing with as well. They really seemed to like how I added multiple photos in flaps under the two main photos (must admit that is my favourite feature of this page as well).

My card example was alittle more difficult. Click here to read why I had such trouble with the card example. Anyway, I ended up going with popular opinion & WH’s choice.


Again I think that it went down well with the lovely ladies I was interviewing with, I got the comment that they thought the card was very creative. It’s a matchbook style card, quite simple. But I don’t like doing fussy cards that have 10 plus elements to them. Simple cards like this card be created in bulk for Christmas, parties & thank you cards.

So I am just praying now that I get the job. The work load & days also fit in really well with my current schedule which is great! God has been good to me over the last year & I defiantly see this interview as him again working in my life.

2012 Owl Calendar

Can’t believe that it is November! And it’s going the be Christmas sooner than I think I’m going to be prepared for. I love myself some freebies (anyone noticed?), check out here for some great Christmas freebies.

Last year I came across My Owl Barn and the Owl Lover Calendar. This is a fantastic free make your own calendar with cute as Owl images. You pick your favourite 12 owl images & download the calendar as a PDF. I made myself one off these calendars last year & I LOVED it. It might have something to do with the fact that I love Owls or also the fact that the images are so well drawn & are cute as.

Love, love, love this calendar! And it’s free, what more could you want!




The Australian soldier grows not old, the flame still lights his eyes
Although his body lays to rest, his flag forever flies

On the green and gold horizon where the wattles sweep and sway
It flies amongst the gardens and the classrooms of today

Over ocean streams and backyard dreams, above the sunburnt plain
Through harvest yields, on sporting fields, in rainbows after rain

It defines a life worth living and a day that must be won
For every father’s daughter and for every mother’s son

But more than that, the honour claimed in fighting for the free
The pride of the Australian soldier burns in you and me

When the night is dark and dangerous with the rumble of the storm
His courage calls the sunrise and his spirit makes it warm

We will not forget their sacrifice – the strength of their endeavour
For the choices we are gifted with, that flame will burn forever

With a smile that lights the future shining brightly in our scope
We will stand as one, together – we will carry on with hope

But as we go, we take the words that rightfully belong
“I am young and I am worthy, I am brave and I am strong

In the face of any challenge, I will strive to rise above
I deserve this opportunity to live, to learn, to love

I can truly make a difference; my path is up to me
And this is my commitment – be the best that I can be.”

by Rupert McCall


Today we will remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation, their sacrifice will never been forgotten. Today is also about the families who are missing sons, fathers, brothers, husbands and friends, may they find comfort in knowing we are thinking of them.

Charging basket

In my post OMF 31 Day L.O.V.E: part 2 I showed you my charging station basket, what you didn’t see in that post was the state of ‘organisation’ underneath the lid.


Looks great on the outside!


But underneath…..chaos! Cords everywhere, no way to tell what cord goes with what. During Becky at Organization Made Fun’s 31 Days to {Cheaply} Organized Your Home, she shared an idea of using toilet paper rolls for organising cords.

See where I am going? So I grabbed some toilet rolls & other cardboard rolls I had lying around and got to work!


I also grabbed a pair of scissors, a knife (though didn’t need it in the end) & some tape (not pictured).

It was a pretty easy projects, firstly I cut each toilet roll in half (easiest to squish the toilet roll then cut with a pair of scissors)


Then I cut each halved toilet roll in half again this time long ways.


Grab your cord and wrapped your piece of sliced long ways toilet roll. Secure with a piece of tape.


Add a label and your done!

I also grabbed a cereal box & used it to make dividers for the basket, an area for just cords, for the USB adapters & an area for the traditional charging cord with the power pack attached.


I love it! Things are organised & easily identifiable. And it was such a simple thing to do as well.

Difficult things

I have some exciting news, I have a job interview on Monday! Better yet, it is at a local scrapbooking store. Talk about dream job! I have to take with me to the interview an example of a latest scrapbooking page & card. Talk about difficult!!!

I have a great group of friends who I have been able to ask to help me pick a scrapbooking page, and WH was kind enough to sit on the floor with me last night & go through my latest album & give me his opinion. Thanks honey! So I have picked my scrapbooking page, it is just the card that has given me alittle bit of trouble. The trouble being, when I make cards they are always for someone’s birthday, anniversary, etc.. So I don’t actually have any of my handmade cards. Abit of a problem right?

Last night & today I have sat myself down at my desk & created 3 cards. Now I just have to pick one, yep just one.


These are the cards that I have created, I am very happy with all three.


A blue one made from circle shapes cut in half & layered like scales, finished with a ribbon, bow & little tag that says ‘joyful’.


Here is a Christmas card, again with circle shapes & hand drawn lines to make Christmas baubles.

Card 3a

And finally is this matchbook card, this one was probably the simplest. A piece of scrapbooking paper & a fabric brad.

I am really happy with all three cards…it is going to be really hard to pick just one. Which one do you think I should take to my interview?