OMF 31 Day L.O.V.E : part 2

If you missed part 1 click here

I’m so sad that Becky at Organization Made Fun is coming to the end of her 31 Days to {cheaply} Organize Your Home series (insert sad face & maybe alittle tear). Today I am continuing to show how I have used some  of her ideas around our home. Also have found a couple of ideas that I am intending on using asap.


I use a hook in the kitchen for potholders & over gloves, also in our bedroom bed the door. This hook use to hold my dressing gown but changed it to hold my shoe organiser (use to be in the cupboard but we needed to make more room in there so out it came).

Left-over Containers

I hate throwing out things, particularly if it can’t be recycled and is of reusable quality. I have used left-over containers to do a quick organisation of my bedside table.

Bedside table organisation 2Also use a gift box to store all of our spare batteries & rechargeable battery charger.


I have a slight confession……I have alot of trouble throwing away glass jars (& bottles). I used glass jars in a number of places for a number of purposes. In our kitchen I use glass jars to store spice mixes & those little odds & ends (rubber bangs, bag ties & clips, birthday candles, etc).



In my craft room I store small (but still usable) bits of ribbon & buttons (sorted by colour)


And in our bathroom I use old coffee jars from my husbands work (we don’t drink coffee) to store spare soap, cotton buds & other small items.


A fun idea is to use simple jars as a display for photos. Not really organisation, but I really like this idea in our house.


Glass bottles I use as vases, their a great small size for small flower arrangements on  a bedside tables.


With alittle paper, glue & time you can disguise anything, also making things look co-ordinated & cohesive looking. At the moment I am liking the look of old book paper. I used paper torn from some old books I purchase for cheap at the op-shop to cover the storage boxes in our ‘landing strip’ and to cover the DVD boxes & magazine files in our TV Unit.

Cardboard box shelf organnise4

All these boxes were a mix mash of colours & styles but covered in the book paper they all look the same.


I am intending to research into whether there is a freecycle group in my area. But a couple of years ago our area had a council curb side pick up day, basically it was a set day that you could put anything on your curb that you wanted to get rid of & the local council would pick it up & take it to the dump for you (free of charge). Usually people leave things on their curbs for a few days before the truck gets around to pick up the stuff. This is a great time to drive around & pick up some great stuff for free!

A friend of ours pretty much furnished her entire house with stuff she has found at Council pick-up days. The last Council pick-up days we had I found these great metal baskets. A quick clean, spray with a clear sealant (wasn’t sure what the previous owner had used them for so didn’t want anything rubbing off or transferring to us via everyday use) & some fabric liners made with old teatowles and I had two great storage baskets for our kitchen butchers block.


Like glass jars I do have a problem throwing cans away. And I have found a few uses for them around our house. With a few holes punched in the bottom can make great pots, I use a few for succulents. I have let them rust & I like how they look grouped with my terracotta pots.


In our plasticware cupboard I use a can to hold our lunch cutlery.


I also use cans for given different levels to a display of vintage camera that sits in our bookshelf.


Cereal Boxes

I have used a few cereal boxes as magazine files to hold folders & my sketch books in my craft room.



I never use to be a fan of baskets, but I have them all over the house now. There are two baskets on our ‘landing strip’ to hold sunglasses, keys, WH’s wallet, etc…


Two wire basket I picked up at an op-shop for $3 each fit perfectly into our ikea bookshelf & hold blankets for winter.


I have turned a basket into a charging station, that keeps all of charging cords together & out of sight when not needed.

Charging basket

In our kitchen I use a basket in my appliance cupboard to hold all the attachments for my stick blender & electric mixer.


Next to the sink in the bathroom I have a basket that holds a couple of exfoliating cloths.


There is also a couple of cloth baskets that hide hold my & WH’s personal bathroom needs, hairdryer (for me), toiletry bags for when we travel, that sort of stuff.


I also have a small basket in my craft room that holds small embellishments that are left over after a project, that I haven’t had a chance to put in their proper place yet.



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