Love me some freebies

It is that time of year again, well almost anyway, Christmas time. That means my thoughts are turning towards the Christmas card that we send/give to friends & extended family and the gift tags that will adorn the gift we give to each other & our immediate family.

Each year myself & WH (wonderful husband) like to take a ‘family’ photo of us (and sometimes our bird Curios) and I create a Christmas card. For the last two years I have been using card templates from Becky Higgins. This year again I will probably be using one of her templates, they make Christmas cards easy to create. Go here to check out all the free card templates, I particularly love the new card template which has room to show 12 photos (one from each month of the year as a sort of year in review card).



Jessica Jones from How About Orange has a link to some gorgeous gift tags from Hello! Lucky. I think I’ll be using these on our gifts this year with alittle decorative extra I’m considering (more on that soon I promise).


But what about after Christmas? You need to thank all the special people who gave gifts to you. How About Orange had another link to a great free Thank you card from Jennifer Ferguson from Etsy Shop Squirrel in the Attic


I love freebies! Particularly ones that make Christmas easy and take the stress out of the season.


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