Busy weekend

Last weekend (or is it now the weekend before last? I get confused sometimes) myself & WH spent an afternoon with our niece & nephew at the park across the road from our house. They had been spending the weekend with their Grandparents (WH’s parents) and were on their way home when WH’s parents thought a run in the park would use up alot of energy & make the 30mins trip alittle easier. It was a lovely play time & it was nice for me & WH to see our niece & nephew, but I got bitten by a green ant (I’m allergic) & then WH cam down with serious stomach cramps (for seemly no reason). WH was fine after being on the couch in the fetal position with a hot pack then going to be early. But because of WH’s condition I had forgotten to take an anti-histamine & put ice on my ant bite.

I woke up last Monday morning put my feet on the floor & realised that my foot (where I had been bitten) had swollen, this meant I couldn’t walk at all. WH had gone for a run 5 mins earlier (he had 110% recovered from the ramps the night before) & would be back for 30mins. So I hopped and limbed my way to the couch & that is pretty much where I stayed for 3 days.

By Saturday I was feeling much better I had been walking since Thursday & had no pain in my foot throughout Friday, which was great for Saturday’s plans.

1. Market shopping; my local fresh food market has kinda split in two with most of the store holders going to another location. This meant to shop at all the places I normally shop it meant stopping at 2 markets!

2. Collectarama! An antique & collectables fair held 4 times a year. This was my one & only chance to find a Christmas present for my brother. Also scored an old flour sack & a pretty ring!

Sunday was even more jammed pack

1. Church, we had an ‘Questions from the floor’ session. It was fantastic as always! Such great questions & our Pastor answered them in an entertaining & insightful way. He is such a blessing.

2. Picnic lunch with my little bro & little sis in Brisbane. This is something we like to do a regularly as possible, great for us to connect as siblings.

3. More market shopping at South Bank. This was an unplanned trip, but so glad that we did it. Me & my little sis wondered through the markets looking at pretty much all the stall. WH & my little bro walked around chatting (there was only two stall that interested them, one with vintage posters & a photography stall).

I was so tired once we  got home on Sunday evening. But I had such a good time! Sorry I didn’t take any pictures, just enjoyed being with my sibling & enjoyed the beautiful weather God granted us.


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