Difficult things

I have some exciting news, I have a job interview on Monday! Better yet, it is at a local scrapbooking store. Talk about dream job! I have to take with me to the interview an example of a latest scrapbooking page & card. Talk about difficult!!!

I have a great group of friends who I have been able to ask to help me pick a scrapbooking page, and WH was kind enough to sit on the floor with me last night & go through my latest album & give me his opinion. Thanks honey! So I have picked my scrapbooking page, it is just the card that has given me alittle bit of trouble. The trouble being, when I make cards they are always for someone’s birthday, anniversary, etc.. So I don’t actually have any of my handmade cards. Abit of a problem right?

Last night & today I have sat myself down at my desk & created 3 cards. Now I just have to pick one, yep just one.


These are the cards that I have created, I am very happy with all three.


A blue one made from circle shapes cut in half & layered like scales, finished with a ribbon, bow & little tag that says ‘joyful’.


Here is a Christmas card, again with circle shapes & hand drawn lines to make Christmas baubles.

Card 3a

And finally is this matchbook card, this one was probably the simplest. A piece of scrapbooking paper & a fabric brad.

I am really happy with all three cards…it is going to be really hard to pick just one. Which one do you think I should take to my interview?


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