The Australian soldier grows not old, the flame still lights his eyes
Although his body lays to rest, his flag forever flies

On the green and gold horizon where the wattles sweep and sway
It flies amongst the gardens and the classrooms of today

Over ocean streams and backyard dreams, above the sunburnt plain
Through harvest yields, on sporting fields, in rainbows after rain

It defines a life worth living and a day that must be won
For every father’s daughter and for every mother’s son

But more than that, the honour claimed in fighting for the free
The pride of the Australian soldier burns in you and me

When the night is dark and dangerous with the rumble of the storm
His courage calls the sunrise and his spirit makes it warm

We will not forget their sacrifice – the strength of their endeavour
For the choices we are gifted with, that flame will burn forever

With a smile that lights the future shining brightly in our scope
We will stand as one, together – we will carry on with hope

But as we go, we take the words that rightfully belong
“I am young and I am worthy, I am brave and I am strong

In the face of any challenge, I will strive to rise above
I deserve this opportunity to live, to learn, to love

I can truly make a difference; my path is up to me
And this is my commitment – be the best that I can be.”

by Rupert McCall


Today we will remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation, their sacrifice will never been forgotten. Today is also about the families who are missing sons, fathers, brothers, husbands and friends, may they find comfort in knowing we are thinking of them.


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