This morning I drove 1/2 hr for a 15min job interview. Might sound like a long way to drive, but it’s pretty standard for us where we live. We live in a small town 30mins from anywhere. I have pretty much always lived in the area so having to travel is something that I am totally use to.

Anyway….my interview. I think that it went ok, I am never totally confident when it comes to interviews, 18months of unemployment really killed my confidence a year ago. But I am still glad that I gave it my best, it would be a dream job.

I love scrapbooking and being able to say that I get to do scrapbooking for a living would be just wonderful. The hardest part of preparing for this interview was that I had to take with me 1 example each of a recent scrapbooking page & a card (both being original designs), do you know how hard that is? Hard! But I did it.

This is the scrapbooking page I choose;

Not a great picture I know, but it is the page that most people I asked for help choose. And I think that it went down well with the people  I was interviewing with as well. They really seemed to like how I added multiple photos in flaps under the two main photos (must admit that is my favourite feature of this page as well).

My card example was alittle more difficult. Click here to read why I had such trouble with the card example. Anyway, I ended up going with popular opinion & WH’s choice.


Again I think that it went down well with the lovely ladies I was interviewing with, I got the comment that they thought the card was very creative. It’s a matchbook style card, quite simple. But I don’t like doing fussy cards that have 10 plus elements to them. Simple cards like this card be created in bulk for Christmas, parties & thank you cards.

So I am just praying now that I get the job. The work load & days also fit in really well with my current schedule which is great! God has been good to me over the last year & I defiantly see this interview as him again working in my life.


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