Christmas decorating

I’m back! Miss me? I have actually enjoyed my time away from my blog, it might have been abit of a forced break. But it was a good  break. Thanks for all the messages I got about my health (the reason I took a break from blogging), I had an endoscopy in the middle of November which answered some questions and didn’t answer any questions. We still don’t know why I get reflux or even why it has been worse in the last few months than in the last 5 years plus, but I have new medication & a new eating plan. No food changes, but I am decreasing the size of my meals but increasing the frequency of my meals. It does feel nice to have a plan, we will just have to see how it works.

I can’t believe that it is December! On the first of December we put up our Christmas tree & begin decorating. I said ‘begin’ because it takes me about a week to decorate the house for the Christmas Season. Today I finished (one week & a day), except for putting presents under the tree, that will come when I figure out how I want to wrap them. I thought that I would give you alittle tour of our Christmas decorating, we decorate our living/dinning/entry way area. We also do a light display outside put you’ll have to wait for those photos, we are experiencing some very heavy rainy weather so going outside isn’t going to happen right now.

Anyway, lets start with our front door.

2011-12-08 13.22.39

I like the simplicity of this large bow, I do like wreaths but I was drawn to the big bow when I was buying Christmas decorations when we moved in to this house.

2011-12-08 13.23.03

This is how we display the Christmas cards that we get given or sent. There is only one current card on this display, I like to keep particularly beautiful or meaningful cards from previous years and display them until we get given new cards then I just swap them out. This was also such a simple thing to create, just a embroidery hoop, some small clothes pegs, ribbon for hanging, a bow & hot glue.

2011-12-08 13.23.13

I love this nativity set, each character has a different name for Jesus. ‘King of Kings’, ‘Emanuel’, ‘Prince of Peace’, etc… I also like to keep a few little bits and pieces that you get from gifts & use them to decorate items that we have on display all year round. Here you can see our monogram letters got alittle Christmas spirit with alittle tinsel & holly.

2011-12-08 13.23.23

My parents gave us this Santa tealight holder in our first year of marriage, this year he is sitting next to our TV. I really don’t like wintery decorations (Christmas in Australia is in summer, no snow here!) but I love this guy very much.

2011-12-08 13.23.41

2011-12-08 13.23.56

The shelf ontop of our TV unit got special treatment this year, we don’t have a fire place so don’t have a mantle. I use this shelf & decorate it like I would a mantle. The star garland I made the year before me & WH (wonderful husband) got married, I used it to decorate his Christmas gift. I also made the tree shaped Christmas count down. My favourite parts of this display is the framed verse from the bible (got it for free from here) & the two little snowdomes. The snowdomes have two of our previous Christmas card pictures.

2011-12-08 13.24.06

My WH (wonderful husband) was given this Rudolf red nose last year (or was it the year before?), I think it looks cute on the toy giraffe that we brought back from our NSW roadtrip in 2008.

2011-12-08 13.24.29

2011-12-08 13.25.04

Our bookshelf doesn’t miss out on the Christmas treatment. Ontop we have tinsels & three glass jars filled with baubles & another cute Christmas printable. In the frame is a poem that I was gifted when the mentoring group I am involved with put on alittle Christmas concert of the elder members of our church. I loved it so much I thought it would look perfect framed & on display.

In a few of the shelves I have added a few little things I have collected over different Christmas’s. The little gold angle I found a few weeks ago in an op-shop, I got four of them for 50c each.

2011-12-08 13.25.32

Ontop of our landing strip (a bookcase near our back door) I have another framed art work, this one came from Becky Higgins & like the other printable artworks it was free! Click here to download your own. I made the little Christmas tree out of some scrapbooking paper & a toilet roll. There is a bowl with some  more Christmas baubles & the green jug has a Santa hat & is filled with tree shaped lights. The nutcracker is a 3D calendar is from Scout Creative, I have signed up for their free 3D calendar emails. They are so cleaver!

2011-12-08 13.24.17

And finally we have our tree, my WH (wonderful husband) bought this tree for his first Christmas living away from home (about 6 months before we got married). Most of the decorations were bought at the same time, I still love them! Every year we also add one ornament, it’s a nice tradition.

So there you have it. Our decorated house. Have you decorated your house, or are you just a tree decorated only type of person?


2 thoughts on “Christmas decorating

    • Thanks so much! I love getting our tea light Santa out every year, probably one of my favourite decorations. Thanks so much for visiting! Hope you come back again.

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